Thalia is made of a team of skilled naval architects, interior designers and marine surveyors involved in both cruise ship new-builds and refurbishments. The company fulfills project management of cruise ships and yachts, from early concepts to delivery inspections.

Maurizio Eliseo and his Thalia team are the best guarantee of success. In thirty years they have had only highly satisfied customers worldwide. In the client portfolio there are many of the biggest names in the cruise industry. Many of the most well known ships and crafts built, under building or in the pipeline have been on their drawing tables. In three decades of experience, Thalia’s engineers found themselves to deal with new and exciting scope of works and challenges.

Thalia has built up a strong network of connections with professionals and companies worldwide which has always been able to supply the right information and expertise to solve a specific issue in extremely fast times. This aspect has always been highly appreciated by our clients as one of the utmost Thalia’s strength. The company has worked as well with countless contractors and has therefore built up a library of the latest and very best outfitting standards.

Thalia headquarters are appropriately located on one of the most strategic downtown locations of Trieste, capital of the shipping World. Thalia is part of Viken Group.

Thalia X Viken Group

Thalia Marine is part of Viken Group together with Tillberg Design of Sweden and Hot Lab. Viken Group are specialists in every area of naval design, architecture and engineering.

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