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  • General Arrangement Plans

  • Technical specifications

  • Technical calculations

  • Basic structural design and scantlings

  • Makers’ list evaluation

  • Cost estimation and prediction

  • Product Engineering and Standardization

  • Value Enigineering

  • Analysis of applicable rules

  • Material studies and evaluation

Calls for Tender Preliminary Package

In consideration of the amount of financial resources involved, legal issues are of the utmost importance in defining a contract for the building or refurbishment of a vessel. Besides having successfully acted in legal disputes as expert witnesses, Thalia technical skills are paralleled by legal knowledge in reviewing contracts, specifications and building standards. These documents are of the utmost importance to avoid disputes and consequent delays or extra payments claimed by the builders or their contractors. The revision and optimization of these documents is one of the services regularly offered to our Clients.


Engineering of the Design

The interiors of each cruise ship are unique. Thalia is able to elaborate cost comparisons between a new project and a reference vessel for Owners, Builders, Designers and Contractors thanks to its capacity of engineering even the most complex design. The Company is indeed able to split each architectural structure on board into the smallest element constituting this structure, down to each bolt and washer needed. The same engineering process is used by Thalia for several additional benefits such as determining design and construction time, containerization and logistic transport, weights and vibration analysis.


Value Engineering

More than ever, shipowners and other major players in the cruise industry fields need reliable and up-to-date forecasts on the cost of refurbishments.

Thanks to our 30-year experience, Thalia is able to supply the most exact predictions, with accurate evaluation based on a dedicated software which consider vendor location and historical records on quality, reliability, respect of schedule, customer satisfaction feedback and general performance, logistic matters, workmanship and rapidity.

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