Advanced Naval Engineering
Our naval engineering expertise is the backbone of our operation, providing innovative and functional designs that balance aesthetics with technical performance. We engineer yachts and cruise ships that are not just visually striking, but also structurally sound, seaworthy, and optimized for performance and respect of the environment. We also evaluate the status of existing ships for feasibility to become the owner’s new visions. R&D is a constant presence in our DNA with the ambition to create the future shapes, usage and sustainable solutions.

Project Management & Quality Inspections
We provide ship owners with the assurance that every aspect of their vessel’s creation is meticulously overseen, from concept to completion. Our quality control measures with on-site inspections, we safeguard the integrity of the construction process, ensuring that every element of your yacht or cruise ship is executed flawlessly and to the highest possible standards.

Value Engineering & Cost Control
In an industry where precision equates to value, our value engineering services focus on optimizing the balance between cost, function, and aesthetics. We scrutinize ship construction estimates and enforce cost control without compromising the integrity and luxury of the final product. We provide reliable cost estimation and evaluate alternative construction methods, logistic optimization, material analysis and comparison, in order to determine the best and most effective solutions, tailored to the needs of each individual client.

To support our key services above we have the following knowledge:

Technical Precision
We provide comprehensive technical specifications and detailed drawings, ensuring that every inch of your vessel is crafted to perfection. Our documents serve as the definitive guide for the construction process, ensuring clarity and precision for all stakeholders involved.

Regulatory Mastery
Navigating the complexities of maritime regulations can be as challenging as sailing through stormy seas. Thalia Srl offers thorough regulatory oversight, ensuring that your vessel not only meets but exceeds all safety and environmental standards, wherever in the world it may sail.