In three decades of experience, Thalia’s engineers found themselves to deal with new and exciting scope of works and challenges. Thalia built up a strong network of connections with professionals and companies worldwide which has always been able to supply the right information and expertise to solve a specific issue in extremely fast times.

This aspect has always been highly appreciated by our clients as one of the utmost Thalia’s strength. The company worked as well with countless contractors and has therefore built up a library of the latest and very best outfitting standards.

Maurizio Eliseo

CEO and Group Partner

Maurizio Eliseo is a well known academic in cruise ship outfitting technologies and a university lecturer. He wrote more than 20 books published in 17 different nations and he is a frequent guest in television programs. He started his career in the early 1990s as Owner representative for the building of the Costa Victoria at the famous architectural firms of Gregotti and Tillberg Design of Sweden and, since then, he has been involved in the design and building of more than 100 cruise ships and super yachts.

Nicolò Capus

Technical Director

Nicolò Capus studied interior design at the University of Trieste and afterwards specialised in marine architecture for the outfitting of cruise ships and yachts at the prestigious IUAV institute of Venice. After his initial training in a company specialised in cruise ship interior drawings, he joined Thalia in 2012 and was appointed managing director in 2017. He benefits of a 360° knowledge of passenger ship matters and a strong attitude in team-building activities and in coordinating complex and multi-disciplinary works.

Diana Bisbano

Senior Master Architect

Diana Bisbano is a Master Architect who specialised in lighting design and scenography. She has a great talent in matching colours and materials. She regularly works for Thalia since 2014, showing since the early beginning her predisposition for team work and for immediacy in the fast execution of tasks and works performed even under great pressure. She is always a sunny and positive person, able to deal in gentle and cordial manners with the most extravagant and demanding clients of the company.

Mattia Dreossi

Senior Master Naval Architect and Marine Engineer

Mattia Dreossi studied Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in Trieste and graduated with a Master Degree in 2021.  Spending an Erasmus year at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, he broadened his horizons of the Marine World and the evergrowing field of the renewable energy systems. Passionate about ships and everything ranging within the maritime sphere, he is estathic to work with Thalia team. Positive and proactive he is always open to face new challenges.

Cristiano Brugnolo

Senior Master Architect

Sabrina Corsi

Nicole Gentili

Manuel Corpina

Master Naval Architect and Marine Engineer

Michelle Fuccaro

Senior Master Architect

Mariachiara Sassu

Senior Technical Secretary

Giorgia Bassanese