Anticipating the Future

Whether it’s a cruise ship, a yacht or a special craft, the vessels of XXI century are cutting-edge technology means of transport. Energy saving, protection of the environment, state-of-the-art amusement equipment, safety… on board are of an extremely high standard, made of course even more complicate by confined spaces, need of integration and having to cope with functioning on a self-propelled and independent “floating resort”.

In three decades of experience, Thalia’s engineers found themselves to deal with new and exciting scope of works and challenges.

Thalia built up a strong network of connections with professionals and companies worldwide which has always been able to supply the right information and expertise to solve a specific issue in extremely fast times.

This aspect has always been highly appreciated by our clients as one of the utmost Thalia’s strength.The Company
worked as well with countless contractors and has therefore built up a library of the latest and very best outfitting standards.

Research & Development

Innovation has always been a key factor of Thalia’s success. The Company has regularly invested in research and innovation. The shipping industry has been considered for a long time a “conservative” one, not so prone to novelties. But the growth of the cruise sector brought a sturdy competition between the many players, which can be properly fuelled by proper inventiveness and ingenuity. The “Green Revolution” perfectly matches with the ethical values of Thalia, which has constantly and strongly invested in designing crafts respectful of the environment


Thalia headquarters are appropriately located on one of the most strategic downtown locations of Trieste, capital of the shipping World. We are just above the Portizza gate, the only still existing Middle Age door passage which connected the city with its port.

Portizza (”the gate” in ancient Italian) was one of the few gateways between the Mediterranean Sea and the town centre. Just outside the Portizza was the Mandracchio, the port area, and the Squero, the shipyard.

Fittingly, Thalia expresses the liaise between Trieste and its world-remowned shipbuilding tradition which is more than 500 years old. The ”Panduro” is our historical trademark and the guarantee of Centuries of excellence in maritime history and ship design